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KaMario Belcher, artistically known as TopNotch Swave (pronounced "suhwave"), came to life, in Atlanta, GA, while growing up in 4th Ward. He was determined to
beat the odds and find his purpose. Belcher understood he had one of the greatest inspirations right by his side, being his sister, Keshawn. She served as his guide, motivation, and one of his heroes before her untimely death in 2007. While grieving, he realized part of his purpose was bringing the essence of her dreams to the forefront. At the early age of 12, Swave took pen to paper, expressing his feelings fluidly in every poem and, eventually, each song he poured his soul into. Music became his gateway to relieving his thoughts, the grief of losing Keshawn, and his feelings of being misunderstood as a child by transforming it into one of his greatest passions. He allowed it to be his escape in his darkest experiences in life and transcend him in his happiest moments, resonating with how deep music could go. 

Influenced by the southern artistry of Jeezy, Lil Wayne, and Ludacris, TopNotch Swave describes his sound as being one that cannot be confined to one set of vocal styles. Belcher
feels the energy of the production before revealing a story guided by metaphorical wordplay. As he presents himself artistically, he taught himself how to deliver animated, fun, or, often, powerful lyricism. With every project he creates, Swave reminds himself of the legacy he is working hard to build, as he doubles down on ensuring that his art is felt. With top songs Far Away, Look Back and Stand on it, it becomes abundantly clear that his work is made to be relatable for everyone. He especially likes to connect with women to show them love and make them feel appreciated and confident.

TopNotch Swave is continuing to navigate his path to greatness, he has most recently won Audiomack's Mack Madness Rap Tournament 2021, and their co-sign for his upcoming projects.
Swave creates art to motivate everyone to never give up on anything, but it also serves as his eternal connection to his sister. After receiving his first billboard in Downtown Atlanta, Swave was able to see a visual representation of his hard work as an image of him and his sister lying on the front of his projects "Mania" and "Keshawn" in their birthday month of February. His main goal is to continue being an inspiration for his listeners and drive them to find their purpose and greatness as he did. He has applied that inspiration to everything he created, especially his new label, Better Late Than Never music group (BTLN).

As Swave grows as an artist, his mission remains the same. He is determined to help artists grow into who they are meant to be and teach them to value the process no matter how
rocky things get.

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